Tuesday, November 25, 2008


are always changing. especially in high school. friendships change quicker than grades do. there's this girl i've known since fifth grade. in fifth grade i couldn't stand her. i thought she was obnoxious, annoying, and immature. i didn't see her for a year and a half. then we went to the same middle school. she thought she was better than everyone else and only hung out with high school kids. there were some rumors of her being naughty, but i'm not sure if those were true. last year her mom shipped her off to live with her dad in boston (keep in mind i live in salt lake city). long move, eh?
well it's thanksgiving weekend, and i'm going to a suburb of boston to see my extended family members. i informed her that i was going and she asked if we could hang out. i said sure if my dad said it was okay, and then we started talking about other stuff. things we had never talked about before, mainly because we weren't friends. well now she's acting like she's my friend, but i'm not sure what to think because she's never been this nice to me ever. ah! i'm so confused.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

salt lake city ski resort guide 2008-2009

All-day pass: $64
There are many people who ski Alta, and only Alta. They are the most expensive, but they have the amazing feature of “ski free after 3” which allows anyone and everyone to ski for an hour and a half, no charge. Tempting, eh? Alta also boasts over 116 runs to ski and many days of deep powder.

Pros: over 500” yearly, 1.5 hours of free ski every day, 2,200 acres of skiable land
Cons: no snowboarding, most expensive, lots of old people

All-day pass: $62/$72 Tram
Snowbird is definitely one of the most known resorts in the country. It’s known for it’s deep powder, long season, and, of course, it’s tram. The tram takes you to the top of a peak and allows access to almost every run on the mountain. Keep in mind, the tram is directed toward intermediate-expert skiers and snowboarders, so if this is your first season, you might want to stay on Chickadee.

Pros: over 500” yearly, tram, 2,500 acres of land, tons of easily-accessible backcountry
Cons: expensive, you face the chance of being mauled by snowboarders, usually very crowded

All-day pass: $61
Solitude, as proven by it’s name, is usually very open. I’ve skied for almost an entire day without seeing anyone. It gets great snow, you can access all sorts of terrain, and they have good food. It’s not as known throughout the world, which can be read as good or bad; bad: it’s not known which means it’s not as good, or good: thank goodness no one knows about it, otherwise it would be packed.

Pros: over 500” yearly, good food, not crowded, backcountry
Cons: 1,200 acres, lots of groomed runs

All-day pass: $58/$32+ night skiing
The predominant memory I have of skiing Brighton is their abundance of tree trails. You can be boarding almost any run and encounter a patch of trees. Just dive head first into the trees and you’ll encounter powder galore. Then just hop back onto the original run and start where you left off. Another great feature of Brighton is their 4 hour night-skiing program. From 4-9 at night you can ski all lit runs. Keep in mind, it’s an extra $32 for night skiing.

Pros: over 500” yearly, hidden powder, backcountry, night and twilight skiing, cheapest
Cons: can be crowded, lots of groomed runs, $70 for 12 hours of skiing

Friday, November 21, 2008

daily rambling

God I love my blackberry.. I can do anything on this wonderful device. I must say I am updating my blog from it as I speak. I really should talk about more issues and topics. I should review stuff online. Maybe I'll do something like gossip girl.. Poke into my classmate's business and post it online for EVERYONE to read. I know! I'll do a mix of all of them!! If anyone actually reads this blog (which I doubt, well for now) they should comment and give me more ideas on which to discuss.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

did i mention my mom's a freak?

i'm sitting here as the clock nears midnight accompanied by loony mom.

she's downloading while singing monotonously
"i have lots of jimmy smith
more jimmy smith than one ever needs
this is what i do while you're asleep
and when i'm alone
like when i was reading the bell jar
and i was thinking to myself
when will i go crazy??

wow mom

drew from arizona

my mom has a crush on a lawyer down in arizona that she met on last.fm (a social/music networking site) and this is a slight glimpse at what must be going on in her head:

mom: i wonder what's wrong with that drew guy. i mean he has a great personality, and a successful job, so why hasn't he been married yet?
me: i have no idea.
mom: maybe he has a small penis.
me: well there's only one way to find out! (in my mind i was thinking going down to arizona and have sex with him as any normal teenager or person would think)

mom: *slight pause* ask??

Saturday, November 15, 2008

do you want a drink?

emma: wow there are some really hot girls at this concert.
me: you should go chat some up.. i bet they'd appreciate it..
emma: haha this reminds me of this one time!
me: what happened?
emma: so i was at this festival and i was getting a drink and this girl came up and i was like "hey can i buy you a drink?" and she was like "i'm not gay." and walked away.
me: *laughing my head off while all the annoying hipsters give me dirty looks*

bishop allen concert

was good fun.
i got there late because i was finishing watching "the visitor" (which is a spectacular movie that you all should watch)
i got there during the 2 opener, electric owls, who was okay, but i don't think i'd listen to his stuff very often.
i talked to my stalkee and found out he has a girlfriend (who i'm going to call airhead because she's a total dumbass.. can you say turn-off??) but his friend (who is also taken, but i'm okay with that) is AWESOME! i talked to him a bunch, and he's a total spaz, but he's spectacular!
an horse is really good, they were the main opener, and i would listen to them again if someone gave me their cd..

bishop allen was really good. i was right at the front next to the bassist, keith, and everyone was singing along and have a jolly old time. it was totally packed so i was really lucky to be at the front with my friend emma :) at the end of the show i got keith's set list though i'm kind of sad it doesn't have the encore songs on it..
my stalkee and his friend and girlfriend were stuck at the very back, and i didn't see them again until after the concert was over and they said they liked bishop allen, but they liked the first opener the best (congrats drew danburry!) and we got his cd.